V230D Diesal 42 inch High Grass Mulch deck


A fuel efficient, 784cc three-cylinder diesel engine powers the V230D Lawn Tractor. It runs longer on a single tank of fuel than any other Westwood and the 107cm High Grass Mulch deck means that even a large paddock can be cut faster.

The high-torque engine output (around 46NM) has been harnessed through an innovative hybrid-drive system. The cutting deck and power take-off are belt driven from a rear-mounted gearbox. At low-revs, the tractor can cope with a variety of cutting conditions and there is ample torque to power accessories mounted to the PTO.
Engine 784cc Yanmar three cylinder diesel engine.
Hydrostatic Transmission Smooth, infinitely variable speed selection via the foot pedal. One pedal controls forward speed and the other is for reverse.
Deck Lift Cutting height can be adjusted from 12mm up to 101mm through ten incremental settings using the manual height adjustment lever.
107cm (42") High Grass Mulch deck n areas where you have long grass or brambles to cut, the unique Westwood High Grass Mulching deck is the ideal option. Can also be used to cut a fine lawn.
Power Take Off Power to drive the grass collector and accessories is taken directly from the engine.
Noise Reducing Bonnet Revolutionary noise reducing, doubled-skinned bonnets are used on all Westwood tractors.
Park Brake An important safety feature, the park break prevents the tractor being started unless the brake is engaged.
Operating Performance Indicator (OPI) The Operating Performance Indicator provides information on the performance and operation of the tractor. This system ensures optimum speed, performance and economy.
Ergonomic Seat Ergonomically designed automotive style sliding seat for greater operator comfort and safety.
Electric Lift and Emptying Electric lift and emptying of the Powered Grass Collector is achieved by simple dashboard controls. This minimises effort and is a standard fitting on V Series tractors.
Diff Lock Maximum grip is attained in the trickiest conditions by selecting Diff Lock to prevent wheel spin.

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